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Asset Resale and Recycling

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We’ll take care of the old, so you can focus on the new

At the end of the lifecycle, when systems are obsolete, or new realities trigger change, we can help you start optimizing the cycle over again. Some systems may need to be replaced. Others can stay.

And there are privacy and data security concerns. From personal financial information to highly confidential health records, the information on business servers, desktops and laptops includes sensitive, proprietary data that could fall into the wrong hands.

We’ll help you retire excess hardware while meeting local regulatory guidelines and acting in an environmentally responsible way. We’ll help you protect sensitive data by removing tags and labels from equipment. We also sanitize* the device in alignment with NIST SP 800-88 standard, or in the case of non-functional devices, we shred the drives to prevent data recovery.

Please visit this page if you need to understand how to comply with the EU Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulations.


For equipment without resale value, we recommend recycling. To help ensure environmental and legislative compliance, we will handle the logistics of properly disposing your used equipment in a way that meets local regulatory guidelines.
If you're interested in reselling your used technology, we'll ship your systems to our facilities and determine their value. Equipment without residual value will be recycled. For those systems which qualify for resell, for data security, you will be able to choose between off-site or on-site data sanitization.
If you have leased systems that have reached end-of-life, we can manage the logistics and processing of your equipment for return to your leasing vendor. You can choose the lease return option that’s right for your business: (1)?transportation only, (2) off-site data wipe, or (3) on-site data wipe.
For customers who require nonstandard service or integrated deployments, Dell can provide flexible services, including custom asset resale and recycling services. Contact your Dell sales representative to find out what we can do for you.

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